The Server Solution for professional 3D PDF documents:
PDF Generator 3D

Convert your 3D CAD data into the universal 3D PDF format and use it for your processes:
more easily, more quickly and more individually. PDF Generator 3D creates (without the use of a CAD system) a 3D PDF document from almost any CAD format – in a fully automated, standardized and reliable manner.

PDF Generator 3D offers

  • automated generation of 'intelligent' PDF documents
  • integration of a wide variety of different engineering content
  • worldwide utilization of the documents with Adobe® Reader®
  • highest security standards

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Basic functions

The basic PDF Generator 3D package allows you to

  • export 3D data from CAD systems into 3D PDF
  • integrate data from backend systems in PDF templates and extract it again
  • integrate document attributes (XMP) in your PDF documents
  • secure your 3D PDF documents with passwords
  • create a PDF Portfolio (container file) with a variety of content
  • implement integration in your business processes
  • create and adapt your PDF templates

Additional functions

Create your own individual 3D PDF solution and also make use of the following functions:

  • Integration of PLM systems using PLM connectors.
  • Activation of additional functions for 3D content in Adobe Reader, such as adding comments, measuring and much more, with the Reader Extensions module.
  • Comprehensive and multi-level security for your 3D PDF with the Rights Management module: strategicaly assign user and group rights, define authorization periods and much more.
  • View and edit 3D PDF while on the go with the 3D PDF Reader for Mobile app.


PROSTEP's PDF Generator 3D is the only service solution based on original Adobe® LiveCycle® technology.
We are the only ones who can offer you:

  • Solutions that allow you to automate your complex document workflows by combining PDF Generator 3D and Adobe LiveCycle with our data exchange solutions OpenPDM and OpenDXM.
  • "Intelligent" PDFs that allow you to integrate data from backend systems in PDF documents and make it available to your customers, partners and suppliers to edit easily using Adobe Reader. For example, 3D PDF documents that are not only automatically generated, filled with 3D data and additional metainformation from your system and assigned processing rights. But which also allows information that has been added to a document to be read once the document has been returned and reimported into your systems for further processing.
    At the same time, linking 3D geometric data with BOM information, for example, enables easy and efficient processing in Adobe Reader.
    Last but not least, "intelligent" PDFs contain the data in a searchable and auditable form, something that is very useful when it comes to archiving data for example.
  • Intellectual property protection (IPP) for your 3D PDF documents. Specify exactly who is allowed to open, save, print and edit which contents, when and for what period of time. Also protect your data offline through the strategic use of passwords, validity definitions, rights and permissions, digital signatures and certificates. This makes it easy for you to provide reliable protection for your company's know how.
  • PDF Portfolios (container files) that you can use to save a 3D PDF together with CAD files, Office files, images, videos and any other type of content. This means that information that belongs together can be sent in a single PDF and can then be read and edited by the recipient – all they need is the free Adobe Reader.

Technical details

Technical information such as CAD input formats, output format, and special functions.

Solution components

PDF Generator 3D components: the basic package and additional components for added functionality.

Current version and version history

Information about what is new in the latest version and what was new in the previous versions.

Use cases and success stories

Documents that provide information about using 3D PDF in a variety of different industries: use cases and success stories from our customers.


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